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A marriage to Michael's short-lived cousin would have given Eudocia respectability and rank among the imperial women without removing her from court.

Whether she then became intimate with her father-in-law after her husband's death can only be a matter of conjecture.

Theophano, first wife of Eudocia's son Leo VI, also belonged to this family, being the daughter of Constantine Martinakes and so one of Eudocia's own relations.

Eudocia herself chose Theophano as her son's wife and as her successor as empress.

clearly intended Theodora to act as regent in the event of his death, but included with her in the regency council the eunuch Theoctistus, logothete of the dromos, and Theodora's uncle Manuel the protomagistros; her brother Bardas, and possibly another brother Petronas, may also have been included.

interests as he grew up were more liberal and less conventional.

In this case Eudocia may well have been a fair-haired 'Scandinavian beauty'.

We are told by various sources that her father Inger was of good family and she was also connected, presumably through her mother, with the Martinakioi, who, like bishop Inger, had iconoclast leanings.

The fifteen-year old emperor was married to the more suitable Eudocia Decapolitissa, a lady of whose background we know nothing and whom was to ignore for the rest of his reign.

The marriage was stage-managed through the preliminaries of a bride-show, though Eudocia Decapolitissa was certainly of noble birth and belonged to court circles.

As with previous bride-shows, the potential groom had little, if any, say in the selection and the decision was orchestrated by Theodora and Theoctistus: Eudocia Ingerina -- as a noble girl of good family, well-known at court, and presumably intensely good-looking (as was expected of an imperial mistress) The fact that she was the emperor's mistress was obviously not considered to be an appropriate qualification and Theodora intended to see this young rival to herself and her daughters upstaged at court..

857/8, we are told that he promoted his cousin Antigonus, one of Bardas's sons, to the post of domestic of the Scholae, while making his other cousin domestic (commander-in-chief) of the West.

This cousin was married off to a girl called Eudocia 'who had an unsavoury reputation'.

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