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Now that I’m officially Old©, I find myself more and more drawn to tracing patterns.

The other day I mentioned to Elisa that her son, Grey, wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Michael Bay, and that got me a look.

So I work as a freelance editor for television and film projects these days.

Right now I’m working as assistant editor on a documentary for Al-Jazeera America.

At That Guy With The Glasses.com, Lindsay Ellis was best known as The Nostalgia Chick, a critic to provide female foil to That Guy With The Glasses's The Nostalgia Critic.

Lindsay is a Masters graduate at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California and resided in Los Angeles, California before returning to live in New York City.

My last video as “Nostalgia Chick” will be Animorphs.

Guessing one Episode per (Western) series with one on the movies and an intro of some sort.

I’ll keep my work as an editor, write for other sites like Tor.com, and I’ll also continue developing content with Maker, but exactly what form it will take?

Surprised we don't have a thread dedicated to her (at least afaict), talk about one of the best Internet reviewers/video essayists out there: Latest video on you fave contratian's HOT TAKE (tm) on Beauty and the Beast Ehhhh. Social commentary is inherently a buzzkill when you just want to see someone freak the fuck out.

It’s true, though; back in 2008 I had a friend whom I knew through Transformers – she sent me a review on You Tube by a guy calling himself “Nostalgia Critic” of the movie Space Jam, and I thought, hey, this guy’s pretty funny.

A few months later, she sent me a video this guy had posted about the search for a “Nostalgia Chick.” I’m not sure why she sent this to me – apparently it wasn’t with the thought that I’d be a good fit.

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