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In her early teens, while studying at Weatherfield Comprehensive, she took on a paper round at The Kabin, encountering Rita Fairclough and her assistant Mavis Riley for the first time.On 6th January 1986, Jenny's mother was involved in a hit-and-run in Albert Road and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.This suited Alan, who found family life suffocating, but was a major factor in Alan and Pat's separation and subsequent divorce in 1978.Alan walked out of Jenny's life and didn't see his daughter again until circumstances forced them together in 1986.In March, Alan was granted a transfer to Manchester and bought a flat at 41 Ashdale Road for him and Jenny. Six months later, Alan was made redundant and soon after went working in Dubai for three months, with Jenny moving back in with Rita.By now, Alan and Rita were dating, reinforcing the mother-daughter relationship which Jenny and Rita shared.

Jenny came to live with Rita in 1986, just after her mother Pat died in a road accident.They were then frogmarched to the police station by Alan, forced to confess and given a dressing down by the police.Feeling that they'd learned their lesson, Rita declined to press charges and the case was dropped.Eventually she wore him down and they started dating.In December, Martin borrowed Rita's car to take Jenny to a talent contest in Rochdale, at which she won first prize.

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