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In a bid to step up the game, Tim Bonnie brought in Susan Van Vreede, who worked for eight years at Jose Garces' Distrito, to be executive chef and general manager.

She's also working with a former Distrito chef, Brandon Hall.

There are a number of eateries interested in the space already… ” As the story unfolds, we cherry-picked the best buzz on Facebook. Service depended on who was working…but the margaritas were always cheap and strong.

Please add your comments below or email us privately to continue the conversation. Heidi Machos I lived above there for 3 years with my (now) husband when we were just dating and the pepper was right out below our window. Melora Gregory Jones It was a great restaurant when it opened, too bad it went south.

Whether you like Mexican food or not, you gotta admit Johnny Manana’s at least was always hopping. Trinette Giberson Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

We especially loved their outdoor patio, strung with festive lights colored like the ones on the Falls Bridge right across Kelly Drive.

A location on Delaware Avenue in Fishtown opened late last year and closed early this year, around the time the business filed for bankruptcy protection; the petition was dismissed over the summer.

“He spends time with his kids and is dating a bit.” Depp and Heard became embroiled in a nasty court battle last May, when the actress filed to end her 15-month marriage to Depp and accused him of domestic abuse.Expenditures like his million yacht, the ,000 he spends a month on fine wine and the million he spent to shoot the ashes of his late friend Hunter S.Thompson out of a cannon, were outlined in TMG’s legal documents.No business has been lined up yet, although EFDC’s Gina Snyder hinted on Facebook that several other food/restaurant-type businesses have expressed interest in the location. I’m actually a little excited for another restaurant! Meanwhile, Fallsers react to losing this familiar local establishment that’s anchored this corner for 15 years. Debbie Thomas Or a combo record store/ coffee shop. Jason Brown It’s all stupid Hipster liking the fact it’s closing!

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