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The CRTC did not explicitly state whether Crave TV or Shomi would be classified as a "hybrid" VOD service under its proposed regulations, which would have required them to offer their service on a standalone basis; a Bell spokesperson argued that Crave TV would not be subject to the requirements because it is a licensed VOD provider, and its content was not "exclusive" because Bell has offered the service for other providers.

It has been speculated that the closure of Shomi on November 30, 2016 will benefit Crave TV, which recently hit one million subscribers in the same month.

At the temperatures found in the combustion chamber of a cylinder, MM oil will be vaporized.

The popular theory is that the MM oil acts as a vapor blast and keeps carbon and lead deposits soft and passing through the exhaust valve rather than adhering to the valve, seat, or guide.

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Fronted by Lisa Rogers, this documentary focuses on the rise in vaginal cosmetic surgery, specifically labiaplasty.

Steel cylinders are still an option for these engines, though many operators are switching to some type of chrome cylinders to avoid the rust problems inherent with steel cylinders.

During WWII when these engines averaged several hours per week, rust was not a problem, but today's operator might only average 25 or 50 hours per year.

Crave TV was initially positioned as a complement to an existing television subscription; as such, the service was not initially made available as a standalone product and could only be purchased through participating cable and satellite providers, although Bell promised that the service itself would be available to "every TV provider in Canada".

Subsequently, Bell announced Crave TV would be made available on a standalone basis in January 2016.

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