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It may be skinny or thick, juicy or bubble; the sphincter may be tight or gaping, bleached or hairy; insertables of various sizes and configurations may be involved. I hated how it had ended up being just like any other desk job in any other industry."Follow Laura on Twitter.

But more than that, I hated how poorly our department was run, how underappreciated our writers were, and how difficult it was to get anything done.

In questa collezione trovi inoltre elencati i siti dedicati al genere trans e amatoriale.

The Walrus has a fascinating read about what it's like to work at in the backend (heh) of a porn company; writing copy and maximizing Internet search-ability (SEO) for terms like "rimjob" and "bleached butthole." Though, if you ignore the copious amounts of butt stuff, working in a porn cubicle is pretty much like any other job.

According to the site, which has a brief snipet of the video, Troyer made bedroom cinema with his former live-in girlfriend and aspiring model, Ranae Shrider, 22. "I was tired of sex with my boyfriend seeming like an extension of my workday and of the way friends would bring up my job at parties to exploit its shock value.The actor, who is Hollywood's smallest star and also a stunt man, was married briefly in 2004 to a yoga teacher.In the lawsuit, Troyer basically says the chick terrorized him, once picked the lock to his bedroom door, pushing away a 100 pound scooter that was used to block the door, and then throwing him to the floor."Troyer claims his damages from all that Shrider did to him exceed million.Last week, 50 Cent, who's apparently as bored as he is rich, posted an amusing set of Twitter pictures in which he posed with half a million dollars. Not to be outdone, Verne Troyer, who we haven't heard from since he put it to Ranae Shrider on their sex tape, showed he be rollin' like a pimp as well.

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