Tv show about a dating service

For Gedmintas, this included cutting her previously long blond hair to a close cut bob.

A rumor arose that the director gave each cast member a manual on lesbian sex, which they were expected to read before shooting began, but Braun confirmed in an interview with Australia's Star Observer that this was only a myth.

When Frankie returns to Glasgow to investigate a mysterious message left by her dying aunt, her sudden reappearance rocks ex-girlfriend Cat, who is re-entering the dating scene after Frankie left her heartbroken two years earlier.

It's Cat's birthday and Sam has planned the perfect day, but Cat feels like a total fraud because she's still sleeping with Frankie, who offers her a very different sort of present.

Cat and Sam are enjoying a honeymoon period, but cracks begin to show as Frankie's presence becomes an issue.

Jay sets out to prove that he's not too old for the office intern, but has to think on his feet when a flirtatious encounter leaves her unconscious.

The first series was shot in its entirety in Glasgow in winter 2009/10.

The first episode debuted with 580,000 viewers, picking up an additional 8,000 viewers on the BBC HD channel. The opening episode received mixed reviews from critics.

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