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While IRC is easy to get into and many people are happy to use it without being aware of what's happening under the hood, there are those who hunger for more knowledge, and this book is for them.

IRC Hacks is a collection of tips and tools that cover just about everything needed to become a true IRC master, featuring contributions from some of the most renowned IRC hackers, many of whom collaborated on IRC, grouping together to form the channel #irchacks on the freenode IRC network (

If it does keep working, I'll remove the ssl_fingerprint setting from the post. I'm using weechat on Arch, and when I connected to I did it with SSL without setting fingerprint (and without connecting to plain IRC before). There's no need to set option, it's default value is already /etc/ssl/certs/

It's pretty much package maintainers responsibility to set these kind of values to have distro-specific settings (if needded).

So as long as you have installed proper CA roots, the weechat ssl connection will validate correctly without explicit fingerprint.

Setting ssl_fingerprint will give problems to users after 2017-04-04 UTC, when current SSL cert will expire. I'd struggled to get SSL connections to work properly, and setting ssl_fingerprint has been the thing that helped.

There's more involved, such as the concept of channels, operators, and queries, but that's the general gist of this chat mechanism. Type in or some such memorable name. Change the value of newserver/6667 to 5. If this is your first encounter with Wee Chat then you will want to install at the very least, to make navigating between buffers more pleasant: Do you really need to set ssl_fingerprint with weechat?

Per tradition, people ask Network List from the top menu. My understanding is that weechat will verify certificate chain automatically.

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If the client you programmed allows users to write a message through a supplied interface (e.g. NOTE: If you want to register your own nickname, after you've connected to the IRC type in Installing Weechat Client (via Matt Mascarenhas) Handmade.

typing on the command-line), the server will broadcast it to all connected clients. Network IRC on Wee Chat: Wee Chat is an ncurses-based IRC client, available for Linux, Unix, BSD, GNU Hurd, Mac OS X and Windows (cygwin). Network IRC server to Wee Chat, autoconnect to the server upon launching Wee Chat and autojoin the #dev, #hero, #hmn and #random channels upon connecting to the server, run the following command: and so find yourself joined to #dev, #hero, #hmn and #random.

Chat services such as Slack have relied on an IRC backend before implementing their own. It's the simplest, oldest, and most well-known form of real-time communication method across the Web. Have a nickname and optionally a second choice if the first is taken (See note below as we explain how to register your nickname so it isn't taken away). If you have a registered nickname, select Nick Serv (/MSG Nick Serv password) from the Login method field. This short guide assumes you have installed Wee Chat and the CA certificates – on Arch Linux: – launched Wee Chat and have your typing fingers poised to get yourself into the Handmade. To then navigate between these buffers, press Alt 1 (where 1 is a single-digit number) or Alt j [release] 10 (where 10 is a double-digit number) corresponding to the buffer number of the channel you want.

Like all of our Hacks books, there are many different ways to use IRC Hacks.

You can read the book from cover to cover, but you might be better served by picking an interesting item from the table of contents and just diving in.

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