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CHAPTER 6: Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as After-Death Communication - Although a bodily resurrection of Jesus is implied by the Gospel writers because of the empty tomb, Dr.

Vincent reveals how the "resurrection" appearances of Jesus described in the Bible are more in accord with the phenomenology of modern after-death communications of Jesus, other divine figures and ordinary people.

Because the Bible documents a 2000-year period of human development, it is particularly rich with examples of developmental revelation.

CHAPTER 7: Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as After-Death Communication: Rejoinder to Gary Habermas - Dr.

Vincent uses data from religious/spiritual experience research to defend his thesis about Jesus' resurrection appearances described in the Bible as being visionary after-death communications instead of "reanimated corpse" appearances. Vincent also describes how, over the past 150 years, religious experience researchers have successfully applied the tools of science and begun to unlock the mysteries of how humans experience God and afterlife.

Many of our most inspiring and straightforward visions of God, afterlife, and values for living have come through near-death experiences.

In gathering together the spiritual highlights of many such experiences, Dr.

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