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With the newfound power of the giant sums of money they were soon amassing, the proud and petty "Bhagavan and Amma" quickly grew a large mass movement out of the initial cult group. Sivam, someone who well knew the ambitious Vijaykumar (VK) before he became the self-exalting Kalki Bhagavan; #7, a long, scathing report from 2007 by young Freddy Nielsen, VK/Kalki's chief world emissary from 1993 to 2006 (scroll approximately halfway down this long webpage to find this important article by Freddy Nielsen); #8, a damning report from late 2007 by Christian Opitz, whose initial neuroscience reports for the Oneness Movement appeared to legitimize it, but who was then shocked to find that many of the "dazzling enlightenment states" experienced by many people were most likely the result of these people being criminally drugged with a narcotic by Kalki Bhagavan without their consent and presumably against their will if they were to know what he was doing to them; and #15, an update notice from former O. promoter Arjuna Ardagh, who also discusses the split in the movement involving the B&A's son Krishna and American infomercial king Tony Robbins.

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The authentically helpful human Guru or Friend does NOT needlessly entice one into an external "Grace chase," pompous worldly schemes, "energy experiences," or any other worldly phenomena high or low (heavenly, earthly, etc.).

Authentic spirituality is so much more beautiful than the cheap, distorted product that is dangled before the public by the likes of the so-called Bhagavan Kalki, who thinks that the Divine can be turned into a commodity for purchase-- and has cleverly convinced hundreds of thousands of persons to think likewise and buy into his fantasy and farce.

I would hasten to add here a reply to the question I have been asked by several persons, namely, "Have you personally experienced the Deeksha blessing?

In so doing, he has financially ruined many thousands of hapless Indian people through his schemes. thesis back in 1983 at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco) on the worldwide ancient-modern phenomenon of Shaktipat, Divine Grace and/or Energetic Empowerment (which occurs in many of the most powerful lineages of our sacred traditions and is featured in numerous modern groups including Pentecostal Christianity and new religious movements on all continents).

I wish him well with the heavy karma he has created for himself. With a certain expertise on this extraordinary and multi-faceted phenomenon, and on the big topic of "enlightenment" (on which i wrote a nearly 600-page doctoral dissertation, completed in 1988), I have been "amused," to say the least, to see how a rather large number of pseudo-gurus and/or cult-leaders have selfishly exploited the idea that Divinity or Enlightenment can be "transferred" or "transmitted" (almost always for a big price!

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