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Unfortunately this is pretty typical of the general attitude of the senior and wealthy in SRQ and this incident went viral, making Sarasota a focal point of the trend of illegalization of poverty.

Don't let this fool you, it doesn't mean you can expect to find Sarasota free of poverty, it has simply been ghettoed.

From Sarasota it is a reasonable drive to Tampa or Orlando and all those cities have to offer. That being said, Sarasota has a terrible reputation for ill treatment of the low income and needy, despite it's success being built on the service industry that that economic class toils within.

While the influx of tourists can be annoying, it is because of them that we have some great restaurants and shops in the area.(Just behind Main Street and over into Bradenton) I warn you because what this leads to, along with OUTRAGEOUSLY skyrocketing rental prices, is the local drug trade.The prescription drug problem is rampant and is present, with varying degrees of visibility, in all parts of Sarasota and in all walks of life.A history of art and culture, museums, botanical gardens, restaurants , festivals and galas.The Siesta Key Beach is incomparable for beauty and white quartz sand.

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