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ALLUM, George, left his two children at Chewton with his parents c1881 and went interstate. ALLWOOD, Frances Irene, Kensington, gave birth to illegitimate child in 1931 when 15 years old; claimed Jack ROGERS was the father; no prosecution. ALP, William, bought his children from Nhill to Melbourne in 1909, but left them behind when returning to dying wife. PHILLIPS, who was boarding with her and claimed to have money in Ballarat banks. ABBOTT, William, deserted wife and 7 children at Mt. A’BECKETT, Thomas, (Judge), complains that his fruit and vegetables are being stolen from his garden in Armadale. ABEL, Talbot, wrote from Wakool Crossing NSW in 1912 re his brother Frank Beard Moore Abel, 27 years; has heard he was killed. AHERN, John Harold, deserted illegitimate child Reginald MANN, son of Daisy Victoria Mann, at Echuca in 1908; arrested.

Wife Lydia Jane writes in 1918; they were married in England 31 years ago, he has never supported her and she now seeks this; she is now living in Tasmania. In 1883 they joined him, leaving the children behind and they were committed to State care.

NOTE: Find what you are looking for faster by using the EDIT and FIND facilities on your computer to search this index. ABBOTT, John William, furniture dealer, sought by wife N.

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A large file, which includes details of the assistance provided by William GIST of Haddon and photo of Arthur or Atta MAHOMMED, who was suspected. ALLAN, Anne Parker, ‘Whitehall’ Sorrento, charged with disobeying a traffic policeman’s signal in 1916; writes an explanation of event, and case dropped. ALLAN, John, of Enfield House, Launceston, Tasmania, wrote in 1902 re the character of Edward HAMILTON, who was boarding with him and accused of stealing money. Police report he is from Bendigo and is respectable. ALLANSON, Charles Albert, carpenter, sought by mother in Collingwood in 1898; last heard from in Omeo 5 years ago.

He was associated with Ann WELSH and tried to implicate her; letters from her on file, statement from Cordelia May KING, barmaid, Hobart, and detailed report. ALLAM, Sultan, Indian Hawker, murdered at Miners’ Rest in 1903.

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