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The appeal of competition in the banking sector has been a matter for discussions for a long time.After the crises of the 1930s, antagonism was kept in low levels in order to protect system’s stability.[tags: Microeconomics Economics Essays] - Difference Between Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition An oligopoly market structure is one in which there are a few large producers who are present in the industry and account for most of the output in the industry, there are many small firms but these few large firms dominate and have concentrated market shares.

Therefore we are dealing with a monopolistic competition....

There was a wave of deregulation in last decades which raised many restrictions on competition, and as a result banks were able to extend their investments in riskier actions and new locations....

[tags: Finance, Regulations, Banking] - Powers of a Monopolistic Anarchy While the Microsoft Empire maintains its status as a vast company of large-scale production, readily contributing to the national GDP, and yielding high interest and profits to its associates, criticism and controversial accusations keep mounting.

It owns subsidiaries in 113 countries and employs 100,932 people worldwide.

In the United States alone, 59,197 are employed, with more than three-quarters are male and the rest female (Microsoft 2013)....

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