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Only, with her grandmother from another lifetime and another morally modest era, her grandmother was old fashioned.After the promise she made to her grandmother to not have sexual intercourse and to remain a virgin until she was married, the stigma of her being a virgin has cast a dark shadow over her life long enough.

Tired of carrying that cross and walking around with an unsoiled bed sheet in readiness to prove that she's still a virgin, she was tired of being a virgin.

Tonight was the night that she'd change all of that with Michael.

* * * * * She had plenty of time to masturbate herself as her date wasn't for hours.

Something that men may or may not know about women are human. She was so sexually frustrated that she wanted to pull out her hair and scream out of her window at the top of her lungs.

In addition to her being horny, something that was so very difficult for her to take care of personally with masturbation, she was sexually frustrated.

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