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Three-quarters of the industry's revenue already comes from online and mobile dating services.

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It's a response to a Millennial mindset, where they want to meet a quality, down-to-earth person and don’t want to just be staring face-to-face at a bar." -Sonya Davis Expert says: "I like Neqtr because of the donation element.

We figured if you make it better for women, you make it better for everyone." -Andrew White"I think the next phase of online dating is where normal Millennial women feel comfortable, because that hasn’t really happened yet. We want to be where people feel comfortable, and we’re going with the theme of making women feel safer.

We're here to answer the question: Can mobile dating get out of the hookup stigma, get out of the freak-show stigma and not be flippant and lame?

Founder says: "A lot of the dating talk is centered on bars and booze, so it’s kind of unfulfilling.

Neqtr offers people something they can go out and do and be social and have that face-to-face contact with other people around, so it’s not just the common interview process that happens at a bar or dinner.

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