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The government has decided to pursue the expansion and augmentation of the Regional Airport PPP Projects (Development, Operations and Maintenance of New Bohol (Panglao), Davao, Iloilo, Laguindingan and Bacolod Airports using the Official Development Assistance or the General Appropriation Act funding.

Payments for the invitation documents to both previously pre-qualified (for bundled projects) and new (unbundled projects) will be refunded to the bidders at the soonest possible time, according to the DOTr.

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The Regional Airport PPP Projects were originally approved under a bundled PPP structure by the Investment Coordination Committee (ICC) and the Neda Board.

Acute and nonacute complications with interscalene block and shoulder surgery: a prospective study.

design-build-operate-maintain) in order to save on procurement timing, reduce interface risks, and avail of private sector’s technology and efficiency, the statement added.

It also said, the PPP Center, as the main driver of the PPP program, continues to collaborate with government agencies and the private sector to fulfill the country’s infrastructure requirements, significantly contribute to the government’s “Build- Build-Build” program, and deliver much-needed public services.

Packaging materials permeable to water vapor can however also result in a falsification of the results for semisolid and liquid dosage forms if varying degrees of weight loss occur that lead to differences in the active ingredient concentration or ion strength. A sketch of a three-axis platform is shown in Figure 10.

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