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In 1997, the responsibility to issue retail sales permits, regulate and enforce the laws related to underage access to tobacco products were added.

In 2006, the responsibility to regulate and register retail establishments selling methamphetamine precursors was added.

He had been a keen observer of the work of Alabama's two "highway officers," H. It has evolved from a fledgling force of motorcycle-mounted Highway Patrol officers to a multifaceted, comprehensive, statewide law enforcement agency.

Title 28, Chapter 3, Section 2 of the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Act provided for a police power for the “protection of the public welfare, health, peace and morals” of the people of Alabama and prohibited transactions in liquor, alcohol, malt and brewed beverages, taking place within the state, except by and under control of the Board.The new Highway Patrol officers began their missions in early 1936, after receiving their assignments throughout the state.By the end of the first nine months, the officers had logged 615,335 miles patrolling on motorcycles and 583,756 miles in automobiles.Today, the ABC Board operates 173 ABC Stores and seven Enforcement Divisions that provide for the safety of the state’s citizens through licensing, education and drug and alcohol enforcement activities.The ABC Warehouse, located in the Central Office in Montgomery, supplies all of the liquor sold in the state.

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