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It guaranteed you a bare bottom caning if you were sent to him and up to twelve strokes - which I never got though I did get eight a couple of times - surprisingly much worse than six.

I doubt any parent today would use a strap like my father had either - it was about eighteen inches long and two wide and half an inch thick, it really packed a punch and a dozen of it on my bare bottom was the norm.

Andrea, did you or any of the other girls feel embarrassed stripping and changing for PE in front of the boys in class?

Also was there some sort of punishment if you forgot your PE kit, like making you do PE in just underpants which seems to have been common in some schools?

Hi Claire, at least you were all girls and presumably with all female teachers during PE.

In our case it was mixed and with both male and female teachers, depending on who your class teacher was.

I suspect any father today even giving a couple with it would be arrested. I'm not sure, I look at lads heading for school and the state of them and sometimes think that the threat of a rarely used cane might smarten them up no end.

As many have stated the Bare Chest policy was quite popular amongst many female onlookers. The ladies who worked in the canteen certainly enjoyed extended cigarette breaks while watching the shirtless shenanigans on the pitch!

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We all undressed down to our underpants in class under the supervision of our teacher and were taken for PE exercises. I wonder if this is still permitted in any schools.As you say, some of the girls started to develop budding breasts during the final year at Primary and a few started to wear bras rather than vests.They were normally allowed to change separately in the toilets.Hi Ben, I attended an all girls school leaving in 1997.We were made to go "bare top" in gym until 11yo when bra's were required by many.

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