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She is living the life of luxury vs living in some small house in LA with a struggling lesbian artist. I remember seeing photos of her with that French girl she left Depp for a couple of years ago. I remember when she made her relationship public that all the news outlets rushed to say she came out as gay. She just said that she has same sex relationships in the past and is now in a relationship with a woman. Please don't say that all bisexual women end up with men. R58 , if you want to see Jessica in "a lesbian film", you don't have to wait; you can pull up the exceedingly trashy "Jolene" and watch a butched-up Frances Fisher finger-bang Chastain to paradise.

She had to carry her own luggage through the airport and she looked unhappy as hell. They don't the ones that end up with women are identified as lesbians. So if you have more relationships with black people or more with people with dark hair you are less straight than one who is almost 50/50 as far as black/white - dark/blonde hair is concerned? And then there's the topless pole-dancing…(Jolene also fucks plenty of guys.

I think the Hollywood lesbian scene pretty much reflects what's happening in the real world. Bisexuals seems to only be bisexual until they meet a man.

Women still want their pussy with some dick on the side.

It was the media that was keen to label her as an "ex-lesbian now married to Depp".

[quote]So many are in the closet or won't come out.

They're different from the gay men It's easier for gay women to fly under the radar.

Not that lesbians necessarily have the same cause anyway so maybe they don't care.

To be fair to Amber Heard, she was legally married (during that brief window of legality in '08, pre- Prop 8) to Tasya Van Ree.

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