Fish in yhe sea dating

Most sightings are of a huge dark mass rising out of the water and moving quickly across the loch.Morag is thought to be 30 feet long with humps and is a dark brown color.

Witnesses reported that the ship struck a eel like animal that was about 30/40 ft long and dark colored.Since the lake was surrounded by swamps and bogs there were a lot of dead cedar stumps and smaller trees sticking out of the water as late as the 1960's.perch fishing in the lake.Perch tend to be a shallow-water fish which hang out in the water weeds that have grown up in the flooded areas.The natives claim this creature has even snatched people off of piers as they stood there unaware of the animals presence.Fisherman have reported catching salamanders up to 8 ft long in the Trinity Alps in California.

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