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He and his department, working closely with anti-sex work organizations such as Demand Abolition, have spearheaded initiatives such as the National Day of Johns Arrests, making hundreds of prostitution-related arrests over a period of years.

In 2009, Dart sued Craigslist in an effort to have that site remove its adult ads.

This leaves Bitcoin and prepaid Vanilla Visa gift cards as the only ways to pay for advertising on the site.

Like many ostensible anti-trafficking efforts, this will do very little to actually affect human trafficking.

The Communications Decency Act of 1996 protects websites from being held responsible for outside content published by its users; attempts to amend or strike down this part of the law in Congress were fought as attacks on free speech, and the law remained unchanged.

Real solidarity is needed, especially from those at the higher end to those at the lower ones. Tagged as: American Express, anti-trafficking, anti-trafficking hypocrisy, anti-trafficking hysteria, Backpage, class, marginalization, Master Card, Money, poverty, Sheriff Tom Dart, the war on trafficking, Visa I think the Free Speech code is only for Australian sex workers.

Although the suit was unsuccessful, the site ultimately submitted to the pressure, voluntarily shutting down its erotic services section in 2010.

The last several years have been good to anti-sex work interests, who have successfully reframed their crusade from being against prostitution to being against “sexual slavery.” The political climate has shifted from the now unpopular War on Drugs to the War on Sex Trafficking, with harsh laws such as C-36 in Canada and the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act in the United States funding increased policing in the name of “protecting children” and “ending exploitation.” These laws and their advocates conflate consensual sex work with human trafficking, and in practice mainly target adult sex workers and their clients, making it harder for them to do business and stay safe.

It will, however, impact free speech, and serve to make many sex workers’ lives more difficult.

Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County, Illinois, has focused hard on fighting “sex trafficking” during his time in office.

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