Does updating a bios help computer intim date dk Haderslev

Your BIOS memory is non-volatile: it retains its information even when your computer has no power because your computer needs to remember its BIOS settings even when it's turned off.

That's why the CMOS has its own dedicated power source, which is the CMOS battery.

I tried clearing the CMOS by removing battery and putting a jumper as I did earlier but this time it won't work. first I would unplug all device's HDD, DVD/cd drives and make sure it's not a drive causing you to hang at the splash screen. so why did you do the bios upgrade in the first place?

It holds a small amount of data, usually 256 bytes.

The information on the CMOS chip includes what types of disk drives are installed on your computer, the current date and time of your system clock, and your computer's boot sequence. However, on most modern motherboards, it is integrated with the real-time clock (RTC) on the southbridge.

The BIOS performs the POST, which initializes and tests your computer's hardware.

Then it locates and runs your boot loader, or loads your operating system directly.

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