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Problems she did not have in her home country, France, or in Australia or at Wimbledon, btw. I can't wait until video of this is posted online because I want to see what it really looked like.She never had the sponsor support like Maria Sharapova, who is deep in the closet.. Although they tried to get Nole to break up with his girlfriend a few years ago to focus on his tennis and he refused. Nole in person is a nice easy-going guy who really wants to be liked. The main problem is that all around him, everyone mollycoddles him. I have thought about your question long and hard.... Nalbandian is one of my favorite players and I'm hoping that this was just a really unfortunate accident - without intent.Davenport was also a catty bitch saying stuff like how she felt like she'd been playing against a man. There is a limit."Martina was nasty and had no filter. That's because of the large amount of topspin and her kick serve, which most women are incapable of hitting--you need that much strength.As though Lindsay was some delicate flower herself. She would say anything about anybody, but she did it with a smile. I felt very bad for the official that got kicked by David. Sam does have those guns--just like Rafa (when will these people be outed for PEDs?Boy, I like Nalby, but I'm really disappointed in what went down yesterday.

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I think Nole is a nice guy but I can't stand how he celebrates his wins (e.g., when he tore his shirt off after winning the US Open). I do, however, think Nole exhibits better sportsmanship than that petulant little Federer. He was clearly pissed at Roddick for things he'd said about him.

The 42-year-old has won the Farmers Insurance Open, which starts on January 25 at Torrey Pines seven times, while the Genesis Open is hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation...They say it's the hope that always kills you but how could the spirit not soar watching him belt the ball past the best golfer in the world this year and start the long process of turning doubters into believers?

Tiger Woods is expected to plead guilty to reckless driving and enter a pre-trial diversion program.

Does anyone remember the feud between David Wheaton and Brad Gilbert or Richard Krajicek,calling the female players "fat pigs"?

It's all so (PR)orchestrated today ,they are just robots, boring as hell....

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