Dating violence wiki

Throughout the series he tries to keep his clique intact and sabotages any request that might hurt his group.During the chain messages incident, he only requested the Service Club to stop the chain messages spreading without revealing who the culprit was.He is mentioned to be good in all academic and extracurricular activities along with sports.He is the captain of the football(soccer) team of Sobu High, which denotes his leadership ability.As described by Hachiman, he is able to attract people due to his popularity.

Despite being social, he is naive in some aspects of social relation.A distinguishing piece of clothing he wears is the Bolo Tie.It is typically associated with western wear, especially in the United States.Hayama also has a cold side which Hachiman and perhaps Haruno, is aware of.Only a few characters in the series have witnessed/experienced it first-hand.

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