Codependent dating

It is treatable with therapy after it is recognized, which is accomplished by identifying a few key symptoms.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde I remember clearly and will never forget the golden moment when I revealed my truth.

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I wanted others to be their authentic selves, truthful and free, but I could not do that for myself, so I continued giving up and giving in.

Codependency is often thought of as a relationship problem and considered by many to be a disease.

In the past, it was applied to relationships with alcoholics and drug addicts.

But what that sentiment actually refers to is codependency, defined as a relationship in which one person (or sometimes, both) loves the other to such a degree that they exclude their own needs, wants and desires."A small amount of codependency is normal," explains Tracy Prout, Ph D, assistant professor of psychology at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York, and a therapist in private practice in Manhattan.

"Sacrificing your own needs in moderation, or temporarily, can be good for a relationship." It's when you are totally out of touch with your own needs and feel that your partner "completes" you that your behavior can imply something unsettling: that you're not OK on your own.

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