Cambodcha sex

Other girls who aren’t that present may just sit on different places of the bar and shyly smile at you and hope that this way you will make them “choose”.

And others might completely (pretend) to ignore you while some of them still hope that you start approaching them yourself.

The bar fine doesn’t include any of the price for sex – that one has to be negotiated with the girl separately.

They usually ask for 50 USD for short time and 100 USD for long time but that’s really only their first offer.

Then she gets her share of the tip which is usually distributed equally among all girls at the end of the night.

However, some customers hand the tip directly to the girl to make sure she can keep it.

Does she really like you and give her best to make you have a good time?

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There is really no fixed fee for sex with a Cambodian bar girl – you will need to figure it out for yourself every time again.

And finally, the most significant source of income for her is the price for sex.

It’s not unusual that she gets paid 50 USD a night or even more if she agrees to spend the whole night with a customer.

That’s the money you pay to the owner of the bar so you have the permission to take the girl out.

You compensate him in a way for losing business because one of the girls is outside, making it a little harder to attract more customers.

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