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(Stella Rabbit) (Tara O’Con) (Jill Sigman) (Biba Bell for AUNTS) (Andy’s Mo M) (Chris Peck) (Talibam) It was a great LIVE SH–!

Luciana Achugar collaborating with Michael Mahalchick Maria Hassabi collaborating with Marcos Rosales, Scott Lyall and THREEas FOUR Ei Arakawa working with students from the Martha Graham School robbinschilds (Sonya Robbins and Layla Childs) collaborating A. Steiner Dean Moss collaborating with Laylah Ali Rose Anne Spradlin collaborating with Glen Fogel Miguel Gutierrez collaborating with Christoph Draeger The collaborations between Chris Peck and Charles Atlas The work of Fritz Welch The work of Julie Tolentino Mike Pride / Drummers Corpse The work of Jillian Pena The work of lower lights collective and it’s individual artists (Matt Bauder , Aki Sasamoto, Lily Skove, Kate Ten Eyck, Dan St.

The art gave the screens intrinsic cultural value, enriching the journeys of all those passing through.

But from this morning the art is sidelined, after only three days, and now advertising is the dominant feature.

** (Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea) Live Sh– is happening after Tere O’Connor‘s “Rammed Earth” The Chocolate Factory 5-49 49th Avenue L. * This zine is an artifact created by and for the dance / performance community.

This zine is made with the hope of finding new spaces in print media for the presentation, exploration and promotion of our work and ideas. are mystic soup tasters forcing flavors out of yr mother’s dimension. The gallery is in the home of Chase Granoff and Luciana Achugar.

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