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Supplemental exhibit 4 — Declaration of Yukxko Matsumura * Supplementakexhibit 5— Affidavit ahl, clerks (Subcommittee on the 'Constitution); and Dick Bowman, counsel (Committee on the Judiciary). Ladies and gentlemen, this hearing will now come to order We are here in the capacity of the Senate Judiciary, Committee's Subcommittee on ti^e Constitution, Which I chaii\ to * conduct an oversight hearing on the state of religious liberty in America today, • This is a subject of monumental significance to our Republic.

6" Lilt of exhibit*— Continued Supplemental exhibit I— Declaration of John Kind* Supplemental exhibit 2— Declaration of Tomoko Tarii Supplemental exhibit'S— Declaration pf Kax^i Onuki .-. HATCH, A VS., SENATOR PROM THE STATE OF UTAH, CHAIRMAN, SUBCOMMITTEE ON ' THE CONSTITUTION v * • Senator Hatch.

With these women, he had the forethought to remove their identities.

The girl told that Merkur was 'fidgety' when the pair met, adding: 'He got up to readjust himself a few times in the middle of our conversation, which was bizarre.

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Surf Myung— Continued .-^ • Prepared statement # * Siieven, Faster. ^ Prepared itatement : 17 Appendix A— Nebraska Law Review, Freedom rf Religion.

grpat gift of America to eivilizatln and the world • • • : ^ T ^ The concept of religidus freedom has been central in the^political philosophy of the leaders of our Nation sinc^slhe Pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock iri 1620.

The right of every man to be free from governmental coercion or inter- / ference in his personal relationship with his Creator is -fundamen-^ tal to our free and democratic wky of life. , ~~ v As historian Sanfotd Cobb has so accurately observed: Among all the benefits to mankind to which this soil has given rite, this pure reli- gious liberty may be justly rated as the?

I hope this email doesn't backfire, because I really had a great time and hope to hang again soon :)'Perhaps most concerning was that Merkur passed on the information without removing the girls' telephone numbers, email addresses, full names or details about their dates, such as how he scored their appearances.

Just when I thought I had seen it all...'The spreadsheet was split into various categories including 'Monitor closely' and 'Monitor casually' columns.

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